Monday, March 1, 2010

Name Of Blog: Pending

Oh, please don't click that mouse and move away from the blog, it's me, ARJuna, this is the very same blog which you always come by - Teenager's Perspective Of The World though it's not a teenager's anymore. It's now an adult's perspective. But come on; who in his right mind would name his blog Adult's Perspective... (for that matter who in his right mind would have thought of naming a blog - Teenager's Perspective Of The World, I mean it's so bloody long, but a teen is never in his right mind, is he?).

So, my life as an adult has begun and is already gaining momentum. But there were a few things I had to still take care of and as you must have guessed by now the purpose of the strange title that I have given my blog, finding a good name for my blog (to suit my personality as a mature adult) is one of them.

So as my dear late mamaji (though I don't remember exactly which, I always seem to have so many of them!!!) had once said - Forget your ego and always ask someone for the right directions, when you've lost your way. Though from what I've heard he died after falling into a ditch after taking the wrong shortcut through the woods!

Hence I am requesting you, my readers, to help me find a name for my blog.

While helping me christen my blog please remember;

  1. I don't mind if the name is long, please go ahead and suggest it. You could also suggest any number of names that come to your mind.
  2. The key words are Youth, Perspective, World and Personal (but you can go ahead and suggest something hatke if you just can't resist yourselves)
  3. It would be great if you could share how and why you came across the name that you suggested.

So this is ARJuna signing off with the hope that I will recieve your suggestions soon.

Oh, and yes, wishing all of you a very Happy Holi!!!


Nalini Hebbar said...

Something Hatke
Thru Young eyes
Spin on, World
mindtrip tracery
my pitch
diorama worldy
my mise en scène

Saras said...

My suggestion is :





Parth J Dave said...


Perspectives, A Class Apart
Young Perspectives Of An Adult
Mera Jahan... (My World)

I hope these suggestions will be helpful!

Niti Chauhan said...

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