Friday, July 31, 2009

The Cream And Scum Of Blogging…

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Now in my complete one year blog stint I have never blogged about ‘blogging’ as such so this is a first.
The reason I began blogging is to create a space, a channel to express my feelings.
The cream, the absolute icing on the cake is that first you get to express your opinions and have them read by the netizens, second you get to read such great posts by people all over the world and interact with them as well.
The scum would be the uncontrolled and rampant misuse of blogs by people who do not understand the actual purpose behind the creation of a blog. These people use their blogs without adhering to a basic set of ethics and hence post plagiarised or objectionable content (written and otherwise).
The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton are,
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Big 3

Top three things on the 'Hottest News' list right now,

  1. Qasab has confessed and people are still guessing if he is a great actor or just a criminal under pressure!
  2. The 11th std. admission system online is a seriously messed up affair
  3. My college started on Monday. (Believe me, that is big news!)

So it's back to the same ol' routine. The long vacation has messed up with my body clock so I still have to get used to the 'waking up early' part

Sigh! What can I say, wish me luck people.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why We Don’t Have Nobel Laureates...

I read this small article in the Times Of India a few days ago titled ‘Life After IIT’ which stated that the IIT faculty have finally found out why they aren’t producing the Nobel laureates and innovators of the future. When asked by the faculty at the admission desk what their big dream was, most of the students gave the same answer “To get into IIT” only one guy answered that he dreamt of someday building a starship!

The first and most obvious reason for this lack in any kind of diversity in the answers is very simple, these students are pretty anxious about their admissions, hence any kind of ‘trick questions’ like the one asked by the IIT faculty tends to make the students cautious about their answers hence they end up sticking to ’safe options’ like the one given by the students in this case.

Another obvious reason that, I am sure, any under graduate who has given his viva (or oral question-answer tests as they are called in layman’s language) would tell you is the ‘Ape Syndrome’. It is a subtle process that can be described as such - when the first student comes out of the room (in which the viva is being conducted) all the students waiting eagerly outside grill him or her about what he/she was asked and how he answered it, in the end the other students end up answering similar questions in the same exact manner as that of the first guy or gal. I am sure that is exactly what has happened in the case of IIT students.

There may be several other reasons but I think the major one of ‘em is that parents and our primary education system fail to instill the creativity that is a essential quality to be an innovator. Children are born with an inherent sense of creativity; however the education system tends to suppress it and instead push the child into a dull world of rote-based learning, they even encourage the parents to do the same by labeling the child mediocre and forcing them to enroll their wards in tuitions or extra classes.

Our higher education system does nothing to help. Although, I must agree, that they support much better concept based learning, however this does nothing to enhance the practical problem solving ability and creativity of the student. Concepts are seldom accompanied by real life examples. Practical, real-life situations are not utilized in the curriculum which again limits the student to book based learning.

Now that this case has set the IIT faculty thinking I hope they do something about it!

I mean it’s time educationists understood that excelling at entrance exam makes the student a good learner and not exactly a great engineer, doctor or researcher. A student who performance is mediocre in the exams but possesses a vision and ability to work hard can also be equally eligible for the course.

So what these people should do now is look for an appropriate way to gauge a student’s creativity and vision along with his academic performance and then judge his eligibility for admission to the institute.

90:10 Quota War Ends

To read about my views on the 90:10 Quota System click here.

Finally the court has given it’s judgement. It has declared the 90:10 quota system to be illegal.

It is such moments that make me believe that all is not yet lost, my country still cares for it’s youth and our judicial system still has people, like Chief Justice Swatanter Kumar and Justice S C Dharmadhikari, with a proper sense of justice.

P.S. I know I am a little late with this post however my internet connection at home has stopped cooperating and refuses to let me access the world wide web, hence the delay!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Proud To Be Gay

Till now they were criminals, today they are lawfully, free citizens of India, or rather a new India.

Yes, with the reforms in the 149 year old law laid down by the British (Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code), India has entered a new era of freedom. Now people from all over the world will look at India in new light.

Now social acceptance, that is a completely different story, ‘cause it will take more time for the Indian society to accept LGBTs (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender) but if a law can be reformed then so can the society right?

Also there’s a long way to go till our judicial system legalizes gay marriages and adoption by gay couples. But, with all the hard work that gay rights activists are putting in I am sure that will also be a reality pretty soon.

Ignorant people like Baba Ramdev and others, belonging to the numerous religious groups, who oppose and mock the Delhi HC ruling are, I think, stuck between the ages (both modern and ancient). They are unaware of both;

  • The rich history of our ancient culture wherein homosexuality was not new and was not scorned at.
  • Social changes in the modern age wherein homosexuality has again garnered much acceptance around the world.

I conclude this post with a confession;

I have never met or interacted with a gay person. I do not how I would have reacted if I had met one before this. But I make a solemn promise that in case I become or am made aware of a gay person around me in a social gathering/public place, I will not;

  1. Stare at him/her.
  2. Act repulsive or try to shirk away from him/her.
  3. Act in any such way which may emotionally hurt or insult him/her.

P.S. The title is not intended to be pun. With all due respect, the title is not meant to indicate that I am gay.