Monday, July 5, 2010

The Big 3

This the 2nd Edition of the Big 3 Series

If the Blogosphere were a country, then maybe I would be hanged for negligence of duty!!! So yes, I have been away from my blog and my readers for little more than two months. In the blogosphere, this means your blog is comatose (to say the least, if not dead).

But then unlike humans a blog can always be revived, first, by the author's initiative to keep writing and second by the readers' love and appreciation (that's you).

So here is another Big 3, this time the post lists three most important events that have and are occurring around us which I missed while my blog was deep in slumber;

  1. The Monsoon
  2. The Std. 10th Results and the Best Of Five Fiasco
  3. The FIFA phenomenon (Jabulaani, Vuvuzelas, all included!)

So folks, that's it from your friendly neighbourhood blogger. But remember keep checking in as there will be loads of posts in the coming days.