Friday, February 12, 2010

Things that you SHOULDN'T do when you are a teenager.

When Arjuna asked me to write on the topic of teen, I got scared, because I realized I am no longer qualified as a teen, ouchie, that hurts.

So when does a person enter in his teen? I decided to ask a few 'teens' this question,

My sister, who recently turned 18 says, when the number of pimples grows more than the number of cards you get on your valentines day(seriously? I should spy on her, no?)

My very good friend Abhinav(now, I seriously doubt if he considers me friend or just a source of illegal money) who is now 16, says you are a Teen when you watch MTV more than cartoon-network (yeah right, I still watch cartoon network ok, they have better shows)

My teenage began in the Pune-local train as I used to travel it to reach Modern College all the way into Pune city (20 min train ride from my house). Now Arjuna, has asked me to share 'wisdom' on being a teenager (okay seriously bro, one advice, don't EVER take my advice), I have only one advice, always wear good sports shoes, easy to run. I will only share my days as a teenager.

My half teen-age was spend running, running to catch a train, running from guys whose journal I used to steal and then give to some juniors to copy, running from OMS (outer Maharashtra state student) when I used to trash someone of their group the previous night, running from professor as I tried convincing them I am not from their college and was sitting in lectures just to gawk at girls, running to catch the morning (adult) show in Mangala theatre and then again running to catch the 2 o'clock lecture because the professor Apte knew my face, most of the time running from TTE in railways for traveling in first class on second class ticket (Seriously those 6 years of my life where excellent, if I had ran so much in life I would have excelled in everything)

Those who remember me from those days, still can't remember when I entered Modern College campus. I used to leave home at 7:10 am local train, then catch a morning adult show at 10:00 in Mangala Theatre (back then it was simple theatre, now its a multiplex and no morning show now boo hoo) then I used to go and attend Fergussion college lectures to gawk at the foreign students who came to study. Sit for hours in Kimaya (of fergussion college) or hanuman tekdi to trouble couples sitting there or go and eat kacchi dabeli at Deccan, all these places at the distance of 20 min from Modern and my only means of travelling was walking (pocket money was sparse, it was year 2004 and 100 rs was something glorious for all)

I did enjoy those days, four years of my life I will never regret. I experienced freedom then, enjoyed life.

If you are a teenager, I will tell you one thing, tension nu goli maro, go enjoy your life, I smoked, I drank alcohol, yes I did all those things for which I will be thrown in hell for like a million times I studied hard and tried to get distinction (yeah right, but I am told by someone to say this), but I enjoyed it and if you want to enjoy your life, detach your brain and go freak out, but do it on your own terms, don't try to be someone else you are not.

Life is more confusing when you are in your teens, enjoy it, don't cry over it and don't squeeze those pimples, everyone have them. They go.

Finally, chill out guys. To hell with life, just chill maro and have fun.

To Arjuna,



Rajlakshmi said...

hehehe you have been running a lot :D
I enjoyed my teenage life a lot ... among the books :P
/when the number of pimples grows more than the number of cards you get on your valentines day// thats a witty answer :P

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

oh really that answer has freaked me a lot...:O

U had books ya... :P i used 2 run away from library...if i had read books i wud have improved my grammer...:(

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Lovely post! loved reading this! thanks for sharing, ravana!!! :)
Well, im sorry im choosing this space to reply! In response to the inviation to write a guest post on this blog--id liek to say sure,i would love to do it!!!! :-) erm...but i dont know Arjuna's email id. :) Do mail me at How do i send my contribution over to you???
well, thanks again...and HAAAAAAAAPPPPPY BDAAYYY!! Really hopin to write a guest post!
warmest regards,
lakshmi bharadwaj

Tangerine said...

u sure did a lot of running!
loved the post :)

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Thank u thank u...:D

Nalini Hebbar said...

great sure did a lot of home work and it shows...thanks for the laugh

Surya said...

Happy Birthday , Arjuna