Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Think And Answer: An Experiment

What would you do if, for one complete day, you were confined to your home and did not have the two most important luxuries to entertain/engross you: the TV and the PC???


Now just think, improvise and provide your answer in as much detail as you can (no dull responses like - I would play indoor games, go for a stroll, work on the broken tap, etc.).

The idea is, your answers should be interesting, creative and yet close enough to the reality, so that we can have a peek into your twisted little minds... Muaahaahaa!

Why I came up with this crazy post??? The reason is, me and my family are just recuperating from a eleven hour power cut! I will not deny the possibility that the lack of electronic entertainment may have affected my brain, but as the title suggests this is only an experiment.

I would sincerely appreciate if all of my readers would participate and respond with gusto (even suggestions and complaints are welcome). Your response will determine if I should continue with the 'Just Think And Answer' initiative.


Ravan said...

Oh... actually, you can grab a newspaper and make origami out of it!!!

Man, that was difficult to think!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

You could go back to reading school poems :-)

Our textbooks had some great poetry.

You could also talk to your mom and learn the intricacies involved in setting a dinner table for a party or learn to make drinks to entertain your guests !

Jason said...

This is my first visit, but I'm very impressed with your blog. I have a blog myself that provides inspiration and guidance to millions of people around the world. I was wondering if we could do a link exchange to spread some traffic around. Let me know if this is cool.


Vipul Grover said...

I'll put on my thinking cap and plan how to catch Osama to get a Presidents Medal from Obama.

That's the maximum Muaahaahaa factor left in me since i've started working ;)

So, on a serious note, I'd rather switch on my AC(if its summer and you'v just talked about PC/TV and not other gadgets) or cuddle up in a warm blanket with blower warming the room further(if its winter) and pick up a book(of my taste) and read it!
When i take a break, I'll fill my stomach with junk food and then get back to reading!
Simple as that!

Hiyaa said...

Oh well...
1. play antakshari - we always did this as children when we had power cuts
2. cook something exotic for my family and friends
3. write

Jason said...

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I'm going to add you. btw I don't see it under the must-read blogs section.


Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

that was my idea anthakshari! or draw...or paint.

Jason said...

Thanks! Take care.


Magali said...

Hi! I'm a first time visitor to your blog, a fellow indiblogger & a teenager myself!
For me the obvious answer would be read! Read a newspaper, read a novel, anything. I'm a voracious reader! Keep blogging! I'll check back! :)

Madhu | said...

So I cannot vote a hatrick for you huh ? :-)

Do not see your post :-(

Anwin said...

I will read all day and as many days as it takes to get back the TV and internet :)

Mainak said...

The trouble with most of the ideas above is - you can't do that for a whole day. You need something that can go on for a whole day or at least some sort of plan for the whole day. Here is my idea.

1. Plan about going to sleep. Brainstorm. (3 hours)
2. Sleep (12 hours)
3. Make an effort to wake up (3 hours). Snooze whatever.
4. Go for a second round of nap (6 hours).

Sleep. Sleep and sleep. Conserve your energy so that you can have a night out next day (TV, PC anything ya want to!)

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Pouty Lips said...

Pencil and paper. I was on an airplane recently and my laptop couldn't fit on the tray table and I didn't want to pay $6 to watch TV. I doodled, wrote lists of things I needed to do, and did some homework.