Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I Were A Baby Again

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It happened to be the other day,

that I was passing by memory lane,

just then, across my mind, flashed a thought; a stray,

What if I were a baby again.

A voice from somewhere within nudged me to walk through the lane. It wouldn't be that easy I said to myself; sweet memories will rekindle the lamps of joy and old wounds will be reopened. I could lose myself in the labyrinthine passages and by-lanes.

"Are you afraid to face your past?", the voice asked.

"No!", I said

"Then make up your mind!"

“I’ll do it.”, I answered after a moments reflection.

“After you, sir” said the gentleman inside me.

As I made my way through the little galli, I heard more voices, this time from the outside, as I trudged further houses began to appear on either side. The voices weren’t just voices any longer, they belonged to the human forms that I spotted from afar, whose hazy outlines became increasingly solid as I approached.

As I approached the crowd of milling ‘human forms’ I was taken aback, these weren’t just any humans, these were people whom I had known or still knew since my childhood. Many of them were the ones with whom I had lost contact along the way. I suddenly felt guilty. I couldn’t make eye contact, not that it mattered - to them, I was invisible. They just walked past me or saw right through me, I dunno why but this made me feel even more guilty.

Trying hard to ignore the ignorance of the ones I had forgotten until now, I trudged ahead. I turned my attention to the houses. I had passed dozens of them but it was only now that I really noticed the strong waves of emotions emanating from every door, window and even every crack. I went near one, there were sounds of squealing laughter and commotion, I looked through the window to receive another shock, it was my childhood home and there I was celebrating my 5th birthday with loads of friends.As I stood there I smiled, laughed and jumped with joy as my 5 year old self cut the cake.

From there I ran to every window, each window showed me, in reverse order, the most important moments of my childhood life. Some happy, some sad, some that made me learn the most important lessons in life.

Finally I came to the very last window of the very last house on Memory Lane. I peeked in to see a tiny form wrapped in cloth sleeping beside it’s mother in what seemed to be a recuperating room of a maternity hospital. I could see the joy twinkle in the mother’s eyes…in my mother’s eyes. As I looked away from that window I realized I was crying as well.

Wiping away my tears, I stared at the dead end, there was a small fountain near the high wall marking the end of the lane.

The voice inside me asked “So now you have a choice, you can choose to be a baby again and relive or even change your moments of childhood or just walk back along the path you came and go on living the rest of your life, what will it be?”.

I thought for just a moment and firmly replied “No.”

Why, you would ask? Well if my childhood had not been the way it had turned out to be I would not be the person I am. Today, I may not be perfect but I am happy with the life that I am living and the people with whom I am associated. I would not want to change it for anything in the world.

That does not mean I did not learn anything from my trip down memory lane. I now, would certainly try to get in touch with the people whom I had lost contact with. I would apologize to those whom I had disheartened or let down in the past and thank those who helped or shared joy and happiness with me along the way.

At last, my steps I decided to retrace,

After witnessing the years gone by.

The past I had refused to embrace,

for childhood's rightful place was in my mind's eye.

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Saimanohar said...

Wow.. your memory lane was nothin short of a time machine.. I find ur blog very creative. keepin in touch wid people.. havent sene in any of the blogs till now..

Madhu | said...

Earlier yesterday I was disappointed that you were not participating. In the last edition your post was what had touched me the most and what I voted for :-) .

Another touching post. I like it. Want to know why, here's my all time favorite carol :

Long, but worth the 10 minutes ..

Karthik said...

Lovely write-up! I liked the narration very much. :-)
All the very best!

narendra said...

.I remember reading your Indian dream(and liking it)i must say your style is awesome..i fall in love with the simplicity..if you want to know my favorite line As I approached the crowd of milling ‘human forms’ I was taken aback, these weren’t just any humans, these were people whom I had known or still knew since my childhood this is it this is it..nice post overall..all the best for the contest

Anonymous said...

Another lovely post from your side! that was too good! The way you narrated made all the difference :)

Chetan said...

god narration
very well written

Dhiman said...

That was a very beautiful walk down the memory lane ....very vivid :D well done....

Daisy Blue said...

Hmm...nice approach..and the crying part was really touching :)

Singh Amit said...

That's very nice post Arjuna...:)
if we connect the dots of past,we always feel whatever we are today is just outcome of what we have experienced and face till today... :)
You write very well...:) very lively...:)
best of luck :)
following you from now.. :)

Guria said...

I love your posts....
You still have the innocence intact, why be a baby again? :)

Vipul Grover said...

Wow.. beautiful expressions there buddy once again.. I blive these wrn't jus wrds nd u indeed reflected back.. It reminded me of Christmas Carol, one of my favourite story in schooldays :)
Gr8 read.. All the best!

Shruti said...

It was a great read!
Too good and touching!

neeraj said...

Enjoyed the journey through your memory lane... :) Good piece of writeup!

aativas said...

Enjoyed your memory lane..

chandrasegar said...

nice one. remembering the road taken and forgotten

Prashant Mehta said...

for childhood's rightful place was in my mind's eye.

What a thought! Good narrative.

Hiyaa said...

Absolutely a reverse walk into being a baby again and then returning to the present. Neat work and you do make reading your post a delight. Very good.

All the best. Do drop by and read my entry if you have the time :)


Mahesh Kalaal said...

I liked the expressive narration ...
enjoyed the reading
Great effort :)

ηανєєη said...

wouldnt mind making a trip to that memory lane myself :P .... very gud imagination

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

excellent write-up! wow, childhood is such an interesrting phase! thx fr giving us a glimpse of yours!