Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yes, I'm Very Much Alive...

And after defying the murderous exams and recovering from the post exam hangover I am back to blogging.

I'll start by wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. There couldn't be a better start-of-the-year than this for me. Why? Because the new year itself is reason enough to blog, and this time the cause of blogging was strengthened by the 'idiotic' controversy!!!

The only comment I would make would be

  1. The overall story of the film is completely different from the book (claims that 70% of the story from the book has been lifted directly is, according to me, baseless)
  2. The timing of the controversy only makes it clear that Chetan Bhagat knows how to get his book sold, if you know what I mean!
  3. Vidhu Vinod Chopra needs to join an anger management program and Bhagat needs a better lawyer (and a magnifying glass to read the fine print).

And yes, I have read the book and seen the movie.

Though I have nothing against the author, I do feel a person like him, who speaks about a principles and reforms (in his columns), shouldn't have resorted to such publicity tactics.

Moving on, time for some shameless self promotion.

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With that, this is ARJuna, your friendly neighbourhood blogger signing off.

P.S. Did I mention that this is my 50th post. Sigh! It's great to be back.


SiD said...

welcome back...hopefully...don't run away now...:D

Ashish said...

happy new year and congrats for achieving this feet (50 posts)... coincidentally my first blog also celebrates its 50th post

same pinch :D

Sayan Dey said...

hi.. im also a teenager of 16.. and i like ur blog... please do check out mine...