Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Day Out with Friends...

I know the title sounds like some 5th grade essay. But believe me in the past week, this has been one of the many ‘teenage milestones’ and an iconic and enjoyable experience. It all took place very spontaneously. I had just left the college campus and I met up with the whole gang, I and all these guys have literally shared the same bench in our junior year. Unfortunately we were assigned to separate classes in our present year… let me introduce you to all of them;

  • Hitesh …The fun loving, cheerful and completely bindaas guy.

  • Sagar…Simple, straight-forward, ready to bring a smile to your face with his own unique style.

  • Sandeep…Cheerful yet responsible, he was and still is the Class Rep’.

  • Amit…Small in size, but with a sharp mind and sparky tongue.

  • Parth…The brightest, cleverest and most scholarly kid of our course.

  • Sourabh…He’s soft, silent yet with a hint of mischief and a complete gaming enthusiast.

One of them announced that Hitesh was gonna give a treat to celebrate his birthday. I was persuaded to join the celebrations which, it was later planned, would take place at the nearby McDonald’s joint.

It was a surprisingly simple affair. All of us ordered a burger and a cola each and sat eating at a large table for about an hour. What was so special you would ask? Well, first, it was my first spontaneous get-together with college buddies (without having to bother about parent-permission…) Also it was the first time I was sharing personal time with these guys, since the re-assignment of classes. It was complete casual ‘guy thing’. All this made it a beautiful experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I also have other groups of friends with whom I enjoy some time out. But going somewhere with your college buddies without having to worry about lectures, assignments or home!!! That is what made a truly great experience. Way to go guys…This post is especially dedicated to all of you.

It was at that time, I realized what I had been missing out. That day I understood, sometimes Life can be so confusing and problematic, and yet suddenly it gives you these little moments that make our living so special and worth it.


rao said...

I hold in my hand a lifetime,
but to you it may be just sand.
I hold in my hand the memories
of a long forgotten land.

I hold in my hand the gateway
to all the good times I knew.
I hold in my hand the bad times
that, in a way are good times too.

I hold in my hand the friendships
that are kept so close to my heart.
I hold in my hand the long years
that were kept so long in the dark.

I hold in my hand the hardships
of moving from place to place.
I hold in my hand the people
and the world they've help me face.

I hold in my hand the holidays
that were spent with the people I love.
I hold in my hand those loved ones
and their hard times yet to come.

I hold in my hand the Bible
and the special things it says.
I hold in my hand the goodness
of the people across the land.

rao said...

dude you forgot to mention my sensitive nature