Sunday, February 17, 2008

“Six dead in campus shooting at Northern Illinois University”

Yesterday, the all the International pages of major newspapers in the metro flashed such (and similar) headlines.
What happened at the University (NIU for short) sent shock waves through America and, I hope, ripples through the rest of the world. Avoiding the details what I wanted to focus on were the reasons which we are not entirely sure of (Net Reports said that the shooter had stopped taking some unspecified medication). However, could the lack of some medicine trigger a person to go on such a rampage and alternatively could a person be depressed to such an extent that he would want to take so many lives apart from his own.
The shooter,as all must be knowing by now, was an ex-student of sociology in the NIU(However I don’t think we can call such a guy a student anymore, hence I call him a shooter) and as someone has rightly pointed out to the irony (on the Wikipedia opinions page), “He was graduating in sociology with emphasis on peace and social justice, well I think he seriously failed to grasp the values” and I agree
First Virginia Tech. and now this, how long are we gonna overlook such incident or label them as the doings of some depressed freak. Is the government of the US deliberately ignoring these incidents? What can we and the government do to prevent such incidents in the future? And on a microscopic level it will be necessary in the near future to study the mentality of such killers. What goes on in such warped minds? What triggers such an attitude in the minds of these ‘students’.These are some of the major questions that need to be answered if we want to prevent any more campus shootouts like these.
And last but not the least, my prayers and thoughts go out to the families of those injured and killed in this incident.

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