Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fully Faaltoo Flu...

Yesterday morning, as usual, I was heading to catch the train to go to college and the railway station was a sight to behold. All the people awaiting the train could easily be divided into three distinct types,

  1. The Surgeons: These are the ones who just have buy anything that's just been introduced in the market, hence the green surgical masks. Moreover, they think, using a hanky is soooo...down market. These types do things the way they have to be done - correctly (or the way they think is correct).
  2. The Dacoits: This category of people detest 'fizool kharch' (unnecessary expenses) and hence prefer a more subtle way of avoiding unhygienic elements. These types hate show-shining and prefer to be an inconspicuous part of the crowd.
  3. The Unmentionables: These people vehemently refuse to believe all kinds of media hype. They have complete trust in their immune system, preferring to breathe in air (and everything that comes with it) rather than suffocating their vital organs by covering their face. Strangely they feel, it's the ears that need protection and choose to plug 'em with their handy mobile earpieces!

By now you must have realised what I'm talking about. For those who haven't (get yourself checked, your brain is missing the receptors that detect sarcasm and dry humour), I'm talking about the measures that people are taking to avoid swine flu, while some use physical barriers, others prefer mental ignorance!

cartoon10001 by ARJuna

But wait there's more... that was a completely different scenario.

Guys who didn't want to lose their macho status refused to wear any kind of protection. The overcautious ones tied handkerchiefs around their necks cleverly, so that it served dual purpose - One, they could quickly cover their mouths and noses if any one were to sneeze or cough in their midst. Two, otherwise it just looked cool hanging around their necks!

The girls, who did not want to look un-ladylike, just covered their petite little faces with their petite little hankies. While the petite little thing (the hanky that is...) failed to cover their mouths and noses at the same time, I was left wondering if these girls were really avoiding the flu or just trying to hide a newly sprouted pimple?!?!

This was just to bring comic relief to those otherwise worried minds. In no way am I taking the present situation lightly nor would I advise you to do so, do take the necessary precautions (masks, hankies et al). But please avoid heeding to or spreading rumours, do not panic unnecessarily (you may end up suffering from hypertension or blood pressure rather than the flu) as Swine Flu is completely curable, just keep a lookout for the symptoms (for yourself and dear ones) and get a check up if in doubt.


Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Aaah,...wat type are u from??? ;) see my post on Swine flu...i take it very lightly...:D

Ashish said...

pretty decent sense humour on this flu

Vyazz said...

Guess u can always thank the media hype for the flu panic. The scarves nevertheless are turning into a bit of a fashion statement.
Nice take on the flu pandemic!! :)