Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Politically Speaking...

Lots to do and very less time to do it in...no I'm not speaking about the elekshun ki tayyari, I'm talking about my exams that seem to be approaching at light speed. Not to mention the file submissions, viva's (another name for oral exams) and practicals that I have to face in the coming week!!! And so the preparations for all of the above have made my schedule frustratingly hectic, hence the absence since my last post.

Another side-effect of the increasing pressure has been complete lack of writing ideas for the blog. And since I still haven't come across any, I said whaddaheck lets go and out there and just try posting something for the heck of it, Chalo aisa bhi kar ke dekhte hain!

My quick, daily glance at the newspapers everyday of the past month has proven however, that there hasn't been any dearth in the happenings (is there ever?!?!).

The election is, of course at the top of it all. And believe me, I'm ashamed of saying this, but honestly I know very little about the election. Here are the few things that I do know:

  1. My Constituency: 25 Thane Lok Sabha Constituency, Maharashtra
  2. Shivsena-BJP Alliance and Congress-NCP-RPI Alliance are a few of the alliances contesting the elections.
  3. All these politicos (not to be confused with psychos) have been utilising TV, Radio and Internet like crazy for publicity purposes.
  4. Everyone is being urged to go and vote, with the media playing a huge role in this matter.
  5. And Hence the many campaigns and public service messages, Lead India '09, Vote.Aapke Haath Mein Hain, etc.

Sadly that is the farthest limit up to which my knowledge of the '09 elections extends! If any of you wish to curse, sympathise and/or educate me further about the elections then you are welcome to leave a comment.

Now that my public humiliation is done and over with, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that I may not be able to blog in the coming months (atleast upto mid-June) because of those dreaded exams. So kindly bear with this overworked, hypertense teenager.

P.S. Please go out there and cast your vote on Election Day.


All Talk and No Action said...

Hope to see you back soon...

All the very best for exams !

Politics is an interesting subject...

Hope to discuss it when you get back :)

Anonymous said...

We used to call exam iljaam ( as in accused).If you really look at it they an accusation that you have'nt crammed as much as your classmate.
I used to tell myself'don't take life seriously:you won't get out of it alive.
Education is redundant and is loosing relevance it its current form.
You can check out my post 'we don't need no education'
Thanks for your sweet and honest comments

tushar dasgupta said...

hi!wish u a very best best of luck for yr orals and yr written s too if m not late.
like you even i do not know anything about elections because of lack of interest.
presently even i am going thru the same phase of sem exams ,my final ones and lets see what happens after that...

shanky said...

hey nc thoughts ..n all the best for exams ... :D

ARJuna said...

Hullo everyone, thank you for all your wishes, I'll be needing all the luck I can gather!!!

Best of luck to you too, dear! May you succeed in all your endeavours!