Saturday, November 29, 2008

Massacre In Mumbai...

In my last post, I had written abut how Mumbai had been humiliated nationally. Ironically, the horrific turn of events that took place in the past few days have shamed the city in front of the whole world.

The city’s security and crisis management measures were put to test and they failed the test…miserably…in front of the whole world. What’s more, politicians made their own mark by showing up (and others by not showing up!!!) at the scene to display their ‘publicity skills’ to the whole world. All in all, a complete humiliation!

The one thing that everyone’s talking of, now that the night mare is over, is the ‘resilience of the city’, ‘spirit of Mumbai’, ‘bounce back attitude of the people’ and what not. What the heck, I myself was admiring this ‘spirit’, however, as of today I will correct myself. I feel that we Mumbaikars we use such phrases to hide our ignorance and taken-for-granted attitude. It is high time we stopped taking such incidents for granted. Ignoring the events that occurred the day before and going back to work (although tense and nervous) is a poor way of expressing sorrow and regret for those who have lost their lives in this mayhem.

Many of us have remained immune from the happenings of the past few days. I myself am a teenager who hardly visits Colaba, Fort or Nariman Point. Hence I cannot feel the agony, pain, sorrow and the triumph felt by the people who were there in the line of fire. All I can do is offer my heartfelt condolences to near and dear ones of all those lost their lives in the attacks and a salute to the martyrs and to those who went out of their way, selflessly to help the victims and rescuers.

One should remember, this was not the war, it was but the first battle.

I wanted to get this post up by morning but my opinions just wouldn’t come in a smooth flow, it was a jumble of incoherent sentences, surely a result of the shock I recieved as I watched and read all about the horrific events. But a big break and a re-edit have cured all that. Please do post your opinions about any related issue.


All Talk and No Action said...

This attack is incomprehensible. Shall leave a deep impact on all Mumbaiites...

However, I have always felt that the "never say die", "resilient" etc...words used for Mumbai are pure gimmicks by Politicians to appease the average Mumbaiite.

The fact is, people are scared and angry ! So calling them courageous and resilient won't do the trick!

Also, Mumbai has to go on even after such attacks...coz do we have any choice?

A roadside peddler, taxi/auto driver, a household "bai", a paperwala, an ordinary citizen traveling by Virar Local...NONE have any choice but to go to work...some live a hand to mouth life and most can't give up a day's earnings...

So, despite feeling scared, depressed, disillusioned and angry..they all go to work.

ARJuna said...

I agree with your point however I was talking while keeping in mind the general-majority public of mumbai.

nimit said...

I completely agree with you on the topic of " resilience of Mumbai".

However why do you call it the first battle? To me this is an all out war declared not just on Mumbai but India as a whole. The battles were the serial bomb blasts in the past. This is high time. We have to treat this situation as a war. By that i don't mean go out and attack Pakistan. What i mean is up your ante. Become more proactive in gathering and sharing of intelligence. Provide better tools to our security forces to fight terror. Become more proactive diplomatically.

ARJuna said...

Point accepted, Nimit. You are right we need serious improvement in our anti-terrorist resources.

An Indian said...

Ah… Need of the hour!

Stand up please! Solutions are on the way!

As for the politician go and the need of the hour, I have come up with some interesting theories… please do read and let me know!

An Indian.