Sunday, July 20, 2008

At the Steering Wheel…

Today, I attained one more of the few “teenager’s milestones” in my life…I attended my first driving lesson! It was a tense yet exhilarating experience. The first lesson of course got me familiar with the basics…putting the car into the first gear, slowly releasing the clutch to thrust the car into a gradual glide…and that was it. I know, it was not much, yet it suddenly dawned on me that I had now gained a new degree of freedom, in a few weeks time it would mean an independence from the bus timings and train timetables! Now, I actually knew what the Wright brothers must have experienced on that fateful day!
At the end of the class, the instructor opened the bonnet and explained to me the various automated parts and their functions. After the class got over, when I was passing through the gate of our building and heading towards the staircase, I walked over to the parking space and looked at our little WagonR. A thing that had seemed so lifeless and obvious a few days ago now seemed unique and alive…I was able to appreciate a piece of machine whose components, once started, worked in perfect harmony.
Then, when I reached home and sat on the PC to deliver this beautiful experience I thought…there are so many of such inventions which irrespective of their complexity, are taken so much for granted by the us, that is the Gen-X! We work with these tools all day long and all throughout our lives and yet we do not tend to understand the indispensability and distinctiveness of such machines and tools and their inventors


Dragoon Galaxy Turbo said...

Dear black,
I wanted to bring to your attention a few anomalies in your post; hope u don`t mind.
1)A thing that had seemed so lifeless and obvious a few days ago now seemed unique and alive…(Here 'A thing' should be replaced by 'The thing'.
2)u don`t sit on ur PC;u sit in front of it.

HOPE MY SUGGESTIONS were helpful to you and you will take care of the grammar in future.

Phoenix said...

this reminded me of my drivin lessons.. i remember i never had a good control over clutch. :P although now i do. my instructor was ummm... i dunno what to call it, but he used to say, 'go faas, more faas. no worry, faaas n faas.' n tht never let me conc on drivin n i wd continuously laugh while drivin.. neway
cheers to the first drivin class...

ARJuna said...

Thank you, for coming by. By the way i completed my driving lessons and passed my driving test with flying colours.
Now I am a proud license holder.